Ireland Diving Event 2023

Ireland Diving Event 2023

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The hose of the BC inflator is raised upside down with the left hand, the drain button is pressed, and a slow breath is exhaled. The volume of the lungs decreases, the body slowly descends. In short, diving has begun! In fact, learning the sport of diving is much easier than you might think, especially if you’re comfortable in the water and don’t panic.

Dive; It is one of the underwater sports that is mostly performed for exploratory purposes with the help of a tube. The origin of this sport, which can be done at much deeper depths and for a long time with equipment such as a tube and regulator, is free diving, where no equipment is used.

Contrary to popular belief, diving is not a very dangerous sport. Every sport is as dangerous as it is dangerous. As a result of the statistics, it is seen that injuries are much more common in sports other than scuba diving.

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2022-06-24 @ 08:00 PM à
2023-03-18 @ 11:30 PM

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